The Diamond Rock

This ancient volcano is surely one of the most beautiful sites in the Caribbean. Mixtures of coral, sponges of different varieties with flamboyant colors that colonize the submerged foot of Diamond as well as these passages under rocks and its famous fault. A flora and fauna of an exceptional diversity.

Obian's Caye

At the edge of the end of the Diamond Bay Plateau, a drop-off or all the coral families have been given an appointment. A collapse of the plateau to create a horseshoe or at the bottom of the cave the statue of a lyre player is waiting for you.

The fall of the church

On the middle of the bay, an immense coral and rocky area surrounded by algae becomes a place of feeding for all kinds of fish that have settled in their quarters.

The fall of the cove cockroach

Off the neighborhood of the same name, a falling to pic attracts you, along this wall or the coral wire, these sponges and these fish accompany you. The Barracuda and the Stingray ray will escort you.

The Ark

In front of the point of the backwater and on the fall come discover following the collapse of the plateau a gigantic ark that opens on a circus of sand surrounded by falling or crabs, angels, gorettes are hiding in an endemic flora.

The Dry diamond

To the south of the Diamond Rock, a plateau of 8 a 12m offers you hyper rich tombs. The ideal site for a drift dive with a stop on the anchors of mercy.

The fall of the Cherry

3 minutes from the club a fall often obscure and covered with sand that offers a special ambiance. The platas and rays are often at the rendezvous for photos or the white and the black adds to the ambiance.

The Caye

In the middle of the bay, a horse dive between falling and plateau or after the cave of departure you accompany whole benches of fish to the rhythm of the swell of the diamond.